Yunbike C1 – LTA Approved Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB)



Approved by LTA for use on the roads

Power Assisted

Yunbike C1

Trendy, Green, Urban Transportation

One of the first few Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) in Singapore to be approved under the revised technical requirements for power-assisted bicycles (PABs) which took effect on 1 Feb 2016.  Every Yunbike C1 supplied by us will be affixed with the new LTA Orange Seal.  Do note that only PABs with the LTA seal will be allowed on the roads.

Click here to download the LTA brochure on power-assisted bicycles

Explore the City Freely

Feel the breeze and travel with ease

App Enabled

Stay Connected

Intelligent System Adapts to the Road Condition

YunBike C1 has a built-in three-axis acceleration sensor as well as a three-axis gyroscope; when
meeting the slope, the C1’s intelligent system recognises it immediately and automatically increases the motor power enabling an easier uphill ride. Cycling is a breeze with the Yunbike C1!

Ride to the Max

Powered with SAMSUNG high-density imported electric core, all alloy baterries, go further then you thought possible.

Mobile Power Bank

The bike’s battery doubles up as a mobile power bank.  Output is automatically adjusted according to the needs of the device being charged.  The power bank is equipped with dual usb ports suitable for charging many digital products, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, camera…… etc

Safety Features of the Battery

Temperature Protection

Built-in Temperature Monitoring

Short Circuit Protection

Once short circuit occurs, circuit will be cut off immediately to avoid causing damage

Battery Core PTC Protection

When the temperature or the current is abnormal, it will automatically limit the use

Overvoltage Charging Protection

Protection to avoid overvoltage causing battery core and battery damage

Overcurrent Charging Protection

When the electric current provided by charger is excessive, the battery will provide protection to avoid causing damage

Overcurrent Output Protection

When the output current is too large, the circuit will automatically cut off to avoid causing circuit and battery damage

Charging Polarity Protection

When the charging wire is inserted reversely or accidentally in short circuit, the circuit has reverse protection to interrupt the current

Battery Overdischarge Protection

When the battery voltage is too low, it will enter the protection state to avoid the battery core damage due to voltage dropping too low

Anti Chain Drop Device

Menshow Spoke

Full Aluminium Frame

CNC Vertical Rod

Battery Easily Removed

Simple Central Control

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