About Joyful Independent Living

Joyful Independent Living Pte. Ltd. is formed with the vision of providing solutions for individuals suffering from mobility impairments to regain or improve their mobility.

With improving life expectency coupled with low birth rates, the proportion of seniors among us is set to rise dramatically.  This would mean that many seniors would have to be independent as family members of the working ages would not be around due to to work.  Mobility plays a key role in being independent.  Of course, mobility impairment can also be caused by other causes like accidents and medical conditions.

We are thus passionate about providing products and services that help individuals improve their mobility.


  • Mobility Scooter
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Electric Tricycle
  • Customised Ramp
  • Rehabilitation Equipment


  • Eldercare Escort (non-medical, with/without transport)
  • Rental/Lease of Mobility Scooter
  • Rental/Lease of Electric Wheelchair
  • Rental/Lease of Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Operating Eldercare Facilities/Services